Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Looking Back to Look Forward

In order to tell my story, we will have to look back. Two years ago. In some ways, it's been a short two years. In other ways, it's been a lifetime. The lifetime of a child.

Two years ago I wrote about a horrific plane crash that changed my family forever. For you to understand and appreciate how we have become "four" you will need to read a handful of posts from 2008. On August 19th I wrote about Perspective. Little did I know how close to home this post would hit. On August 25th I was too heartbroken to say much. On August 30th I was Ready to talk about it. Finally, on September 16th, I shared what happened and my realization that Life Goes On (some of the links/images no longer work-sorry).

In the aftermath of such tragedy, the fact that life does go on almost feels inappropriate. How can life continue moving forward when there is so much lost? However, comfort, peace, and healing only come when you let go and give in to moving forward. It's a difficult dichotomy, but very true.