About Me

 (Summer 2009)

In 2007 I began this journey called blogging. Initially, I wanted a way to easily share pictures and stories with family and friends who live far away from us. Before I knew it, blogging became a new hobby. Not only did I enjoy journaling my life, but I enjoyed reading about others. As it turns out, I am not alone in the joys and struggles I experience daily. What a relief!

My blog, I Wish I Was in Dixie, refers to where I live (not Tennessee) and my desire to stay here FOREVER. The title came to me one morning while I was changing a diaper (probably). This is now where the Dotson family, but mostly just me, resides on the internet.

While here, you will read about:
Me, Amy. I am a thirty-something woman, wife, mother, dreamer and hopeful writer and hopeful work at home mom. This blog is an eccentric mix of my interests, my favorite products and websites, family pictures, my weight-loss (or gain as the case may be), my spirituality and my journey in this thing called life.

My hubby, Matt. Also thirty-something, my best-friend, my husband, Mattie's father, DREAMER, professional graphic designer (with his own firm), entrepreneur. Almost daily he comes home with a new business idea. He's genius. He also plays semi professional football with the St. George Blitz.

My daughter, Mattie. She is a busy, beautiful, bright, delightful child with a zest for life I hope to learn from. Her latest loves are sidewalk chalk, painting, learning to read and playing on her computer.

You will also read about any other topic I choose to write about. It varies daily.
I like reading, cooking, playing games on my computer (in moderation, of course), the color red (swoon) and most things"lovely", "refreshing" and "delicious" (aren't those great words?!). I also love a bright sunny day! I don't like early mornings (something I'm working on), exercising (also working on), foul language, and stinky cheese.

I hope you enjoy your time here! Leave your feedback (ie. comments)! I would love to get to know more about you.