Thursday, February 25, 2010

RepairPal: Car Care Confidence, part II

How many times has this happened to you?

There is something wrong with your car.
You have called repair shops and gotten estimates.
Now that it's time to make a decision regarding repair,
you are more confused, unsure and discouraged
then ever.

Repair Pal to the rescue!

I know I have talked about these guys before,
but I hope to highlight the great service
repairpal provides further.

To all of my readers from Houston, here is a gift!
A list of Houston auto repair shops and mechanics
in your area. The best part is being able to read
reviews of those shops before you even take your 
car in for an estimate. is so exceptionally easy and user
friendly that it only takes a minute to find the
information you’re searching for.

For example, here is an Acura Integra.
When looking for a new car (new to you),
you might be concerned about it's safety.
On this website you can read reviews, see a list
of all recalls for this car, and a list of common problems. is the place to research all your car repair.
Let's say you are due for an engine oil and filter change.
Before heading to the shop, check-out!
Maybe you will learn that you are capable of doing
it yourself. That would be great! Especially if your
vehicle is in need of a tune-up. What exactly IS a tune-up?
Well, if you check the link provided, you will know!
You will get factual, unbiased, reliable information for free!
Who doesn't like professional
advice for FREE?

I hope to highlight these guys again in the future.
Stay Tuned!