Thursday, February 25, 2010

Adoring. Lurking. Spreading the good word.

I have a bloggie girl crush on MomBabe of the Bingham Diaries. The snarky, heartfelt, REAL posts are a breath of blogging fresh air. She doesn't sugarcoat. Neither does life. I adore her.

When she announced her Casual Blogger Conference, my lurking transformed to stalking. Who just decides to create and host her own blogging conference?! MomBabe. That's who!

So, as a way to help show my support of this refreshing ambitious woman, I am helping promote the Casual Bloggers Conference. Make sure to order your tickets through the affiliate button on my blog. It will take you directly to the "ticket booth".

Casual Bloggers Conference

Good luck MomBabe! I'm cheering for you!