Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Miracles. Part III?

Although the day-to-day feels mundane and unimportant, I have to remind myself that I am attempting to shape and teach a little human being. A little person who is such a joy, that I can hardly breath when I think of it.

In the every-day-ness of my life, I see miracles. In the past I have spoken of it. In this post, my realization came while washing dishes in my little brown brick 600 South apartment. In this post, my realization came when doing laundry in my darling little yellow sided, Concord Way house.

How everyday and mundane is washing the dishes and doing the laundry?! It's at the center! And yet, it's these very chores I take for granted. Dirty dishes mean I had food to eat and enjoy. Dirty clothes mean we have them to wear. AND, I have the physical ability to do these things. I am strong, healthy and happy.

I have no room to complain.

Back to my joy....

My daughter. She is my joy.
My husband. He is my joy.

I can't function properly without them. They are who I am. Not because I have somehow lost myself along the way of marriage and motherhood but because I have embraced them as mine and put them in my heart.

In April, a new little spirit will join our extended family. I can hardly wait to meet him. He is not coming to us in the usual fashion. A sweet and generous woman is allowing my niece and nephew to adopt him.

What a miracle. Adoption is a miracle. At it's core is someone thinking more of another, their child, then themselves. That's not only miraculous, it's selfless and Christlike.

I tear up and get goose bumps just thinking about it.