Saturday, February 16, 2008

On Gratitude

This post was writing itself as I was washing the dishes (yes, hand washing. I don't have a dishwasher...)tonight. Now that it is 10 minutes to 11:00pm I am going to try to type what is on my mind.

As most of you know, my husband has started his own business called Flitch Creative. It's been really exciting and a little scary. So much unknown. A lot of faith.

Anyway, a week ago I was looking at my growing grocery list (I think grocery lists are like the laundry. It's never really "done".) wondering how in the world I was going to stretch my last few dollars far enough to afford diapers (UGH!), toilet paper and milk (we always need milk) along with all the other important items we needed. In my mind there was no way. Cue the miracle. My mom called saying I needed to ready my grocery list and my little Mattie because we were going shopping! She bought my diapers, milk, toilet paper and all of the other essentials. In my rush to create a list of only the most important things (I didn't want to seem greedy) I forgot a couple important things like peanut butter and ketchup. Oh well! I have chicken, apples and homemade wheat bread!

My point is this. The Lord knows exactly what I need and when I will need it. He also knows who can and is willing to provide the miracle.

My family and I have been reading and studying The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I feel like the principles in her book are in wonderful harmony with the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the scriptures we are told ask and we will receive. We have to put it out "there". Some may choose to be more general with it and just say "The Universe" so as to not associate with God, but to me it's the same. Whether it's acknowledged or not. Matt and I have been very positive in our thinking and talking. We have every confidence that all will be as it should and that we will have exactly what we want. The path to get there is unknown today, but for now I am ok with that.

So back to my point. Miracles. They are an every day occurance if we will but watch and really pay attention. I am so grateful for a God who knows ME and who effortlessly and unconditionally loves me. He knows that I again have a growing grocery list (no, I am not even close to starving). He knows the rent is due in 2 weeks and the phone bill is due now. He knows my limits and what I need to learn. I am a worrier (thank you grandpa, may you rest in peace) and I come by it honestly. However, worry is the opposite of faith. If you are worrying and being ungrateful you are not being faithful and grateful. Duh!

I am brushing off my worry. I am turning to my faith that has NEVER failed me and I am being grateful for every little detail of my life, for it truly is a beautiful miracle. I have always been so blessed.

Why would the Lord stop now?

(Yes, my confession is coming...)