Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daily Shred - 3

Folks, I almost didn't make it today.

All the excuses lined up to play.

"Oh. You woke-up late."

"I am so hungry! Breakfast first?"

"Missing one day wont be a big deal."

"Nobody will know I missed today."

And. my all time favorite.

"You have been working hard. You deserve a day off!"


It was mind over matter and I did my work-out.

Why do I sabotage myself? Set myself up to fail? The inner dialogue is one I would never allow in a friend or family member. Why do I allow it in myself?

It's a mystery. One that I need to work through somehow. One that I need to conquer. Losing this weight is so much more then looking good in a swimsuit. It's proving to MYSELF that I can begin and follow through with something for ME. Not for my wonderful hubby (although he is a huge motivator), not for my daughter (although she is a huge factor), not for somebody at church (that keeps me busy), but FOR ME.