Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another First at the Dotsons

 Lately, we haven't seen many "firsts". Mattie is old enough to have done a lot of the every day things a kid does. We got to change that a few days ago.

Last Monday we took Mattie to her first circus!

At first she was really nervous and not excited (she had been talking about for a WEEK). It smelled weird (she's big on smells) and there were lots of people she didn't know. After we settled in and bought Mattie her first cotton candy, she got into it.

First we saw the tigers. Very cool. Mattie couldn't take her eyes off those animals.

Then the aerialists took their turn. This is an amazing talent. Such strength, balance and concentration! I'm too afraid of heights to even consider it...

Mattie got a real kick out of seeing the motorcycle riders in the cage. The 2nd rider had some rich fuel in his bike and it stunk up the already odd smelling "circus tent".


All in all, the Dotson family had a great time at the circus!