Monday, February 8, 2010

RepairPal: Car Care Confidence

It's true. I have talked about these guys before (remember this?). Since reviewing the site further, I have decided to do a more comprehensive review.

One feature of RepairPal that I have found invaluable is the Get Car Info. You just enter the make/model/year of the car you are researching and you are flooded with information. For example, here is a Chevrolet Silverado. On this page, you can get your questions answered and review common problems and recalls. All this info on one page! I looked up my 1999 Volvo S80 and found that we aren't the only people who think it's a lemon and a waste of money!

Another feature that is very user friendly is the Encyclopedia. Whatever question you have can be answered here. If you wondered about a Brake Job (whether it was recommended to you by a mechanic or if you are already car savvy), you could go here and find some very helpful information. Even the How-to: Helpful Hints are great for quick information you may need.

Also, there is a directory of auto shops. Are you in Dallas? Voila! Dallas auto repair. You can look up how much an auto repair should cost by your specific location and vehicle! Now you'll know how much your being ripped off.

RepairPal has provided a way for the lay-person to feel empowered when it comes to their vehicle. So many times we are left to the mechanics/dealerships to dictate car value, what needs to be fixed, and how much the repair will cost. All that changed with this one website.

This website is invaluable and should be a bookmark or favorite on your browser!