Monday, November 16, 2009

Hottest 2009 Christmas Toy: Zhu-Zhu Pets

I have been aware of the Zhu-Zhu Pets phenomenon for only a little while now. Because I have yet to see one live and in person, I am still trying to understand the draw to them. Each character is kinda cute, but still imitating a rodent, in my honest 'rodent disliking' opinion.

I looked at Pipsqueak. I looked at NumNums. I looked at Chunk. I looked at Squiggles. I looked at Patches.

All rodents.

Now, if your kids are wanting a pet and you are hesitant to oblige, these guys would fit the bill. They are artificially intelligent creatures that talk and move around in their little playsets. You would definitely save on food, care and replacement (hamsters tend to die).


What's all the fuss about? Why are they SOLD OUT in every store, even online? Did you know, they even have their own blog?!

What did I miss?

The real question, Zhu Zhu Pets aside, is what drives these things? Who decided this toy would be the must-have this season?