Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Does your blog have a "voice"?

(me on one of my many road trips this summer)
I am looking for my blogging voice. Writing is something I think I would enjoy, but I have never had the courage to pursue. In my opinion, you need to reveal a lot of who you are to be an engaging and interesting writer. Revealing things that are important to me leaves me wide open for criticism I may not be ready to receive. Of course, there is the possibility fear of revealing too much. Is that possible? Is there an in visible line in the blogging world that we should not cross?

There is also the question of if your blog is a reflection of who you are or if it is a caricature of you and your life. So far, I believe my blog is a reflection of me, but I can see the usefulness of just creating a caricature of yourself. Nothing has to be too personal or too revealing. Everything can be in jest.

I find myself drawn to blogs that I believe are a reflection of who they are. Reading about every day errands or seeing pictures of them is interesting to me. I also like reading about how other people handle the ups and downs that come with this thing called life. Those are the blogs that make up my blog roll.

Almost daily, I find myself looking to people like Nie Nie, Anne and Emily at Bloom, Cjane, Emily Anne, Hairy Shoe Fairy, Just Mom's Musings and Sell...Party of Three (Four) (there are many more of you) for funny anecdotes, great ideas, a healthy dose of snark, a little perspective or a peek into a what seems to be a very charming life. I realize that my life is pretty dang good and that things could be worse. Suddenly, my every day mundane life is normal and even something worth writing about.

How did you find YOUR blogging voice?

What determines who you add to your blog roll?

(things would be more interesting if you would comment...)