Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Icon Gone

(Dirty Dancing)

Patrick Swayze died today. Only 57 years old. Too young. I have always loved him, both as an actor and as a positive member of society. The last paragraph of an article I read (find it here) said this...

(Point Break)

"Mr. Swayze's family and fans (and who is not?) might find comfort in remembering Point Break, in which he says, 'It's not tragic to die doing what you love.' Or The Outsiders, where as the big brother counseling his baby bro, he says, 'Just because you lose somebody, you don't stop living.'"

(The Outsiders)

In my teen years I attended a lot of dances with my youth group. Inevitably, if anyone found a girl standing off to the side not dancing someone would say, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!". I remember reading and loving the book The Outsiders. What a terrific surprise to find the movie also fantastic! And who can forget watching Ghost for the first time? ZOW-EE! Every girls dream of how romance should be.


In respectful memory I share one of my all time favorite Patrick Swayze memories.

(click the above link to go to YouTube and watch Patrick Swayze dance with Chris Farley-hilarious!)

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