Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In which I try to catch-up from a busy summer.

The 4th of July weekend was a great time this year! We were sad to miss the traditional Richfield party (as documented here, here, and here), but happy to share in my nephew's special day.

We drove early in the day to Logan on Friday the 3rd. That day we played with the cousins, went to dinner at a FANTASTIC mexican restaurant, met my brother Sam's darling girlfriend, and watched the fireworks.

In the morning of the 4th we went to Steven's baptism. I was so happy to be there. Watching that little boy be baptized brought tears to my eyes. He is so good. I just want to squeeze him all the time! But I don't because he would be embarrassed, he is 8 afterall.

That afternoon we BBQed, went swimming, played with the cousins and just enjoyed being together. We also did our own fireworks!

On Sunday we went to church and headed home. It was a wonderful weekend! Thank you for hosting it Dan and Chandi!