Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our 4th of July fun!

July 3rd:

In Richfield, the 3rd is as fun as the 4th.
There is a kids parade where everyone decorates their bikes, wagons, scooters, etc. and rides down Main Street to the city park for a Popsicle.
Then there is the Diaper Derby. Mattie ran in her first diaper derby and won 2nd place in her heat! We were the proud parents for sure!

July 4th:
This holiday is done up as big as Christmas here in Central Utah. Richfield certainly does it right! There is plenty of food to choose from, sno cones, races, carriage rides, the fish grab, the bounces houses/mazes, entertainment and lots of games. It's also the time to catch-up with neighbors, family and friends who have moved away (like us) and come back for the festivities. This is definitely a family tradition we will continue!

After a long day in the park we all go back to my in-laws for relaxation, water fun (sprinklers),playing with cousins,

visiting and catching up, a lot of GREAT food and the fireworks (we can watch from our own backyard!).

This post is dedicated to Kamie and Dustyn who had to miss this family tradition because they were in Pittsburgh waiting for their baby to be born. Good luck guys!