Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Do you know what I'm craving?

That's the game my husband and I played last night as we sat around not eating. Yesterday was all about the cravings. I have never had such strong food cravings! Even when I was pregnant I never craved certain foods. I just loved chewing ice (summer pregnancy in Southern Utah NOT recommended-113 degrees!). I craved the carbs like all kinds of pasta, cheese and pepperoni pizza and garlic breadsticks (yep, trying to choke down the saltwater).
Matt craved meat things like tacos, steak, pepperoni pizza, coconut shrimp, etc. People brought in lunch to his office yesterday AND to top it off they had pizza at Mutual! The poor guy was surrounded! He didn't even have a lick... that is will-power! Matt made a good point though, I could eat all day long and nobody would rat me out (luckily Mattie can't talk yet). So I guess we are both exercising will-power these days. I am feeling a lot better this morning than I did yesterday morning. I have a hint of a headache but that's to be expected (STILL working on this saltwater). I had about HALF the water I should have yesterday, I will work on that today. Last night was a late one for me too (for no good reason), I might need a nap today.