Thursday, June 26, 2008

Father's Day and Birthday ALL IN ONE!

This year my hubby proudly shared his date of birth with all of the father's in the country. He's quite generous like that. Actually, he does it every few years! Here is a collection of pictures to enjoy. Some of these pictures aren't MY favorite, but that's what happens when you still weigh a pound or 100 more than you would like ;)

Is this a face only a mother or wife could love?! hahaha
Boneless BBQ pork ribs, my yummy potatoes and a delicious salad. It was a fabulous meal!

My niece and nephew. Yes, they are twins. ;)
"I'm helping daddy!"
Hanging out in the driveway of my parents home enjoying the afternoon.

Oh, I also included a few pictures of my BEAUTIFUL daughter. The lighting was perfect as I took these pictures. I wish I had the know how so I could soup them up a little. Oh well. They are great as is!

Playing with Grandpa David. Mattie is splashing water on his face "to cool off".