Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Turning two

Dear Mattie,

You are now two.

Saturday was the big day and I can hardly believe it. How did two YEARS go by so fast? Never have I been in such awe of any one person. You amaze me. Every day is an adventure full of energy, questions and laughter. The light and joy you have brought into my life is indescribable and something I will always cherish.

I love...
*walking into your room each morning and hearing you say, "Momma!"
*hearing you try to figure out new words and phrases.
*having you run up to me for a big hug and kiss.
*counting with you.
*reading stories in the "story chair" in your bedroom.
*singing silly songs with you.
*holding you on my lap while we play computer games.
*sitting on the back porch together blowing bubbles.
*having you help with the grocery list by "crossing off" the items we have picked-up.
*coloring together at the dining room table.
*watching you "cook" in your "kitchen" while I am making meals through-out the day.
*getting you "milf" (milk), "shring cheese" (string cheese) and "smoobies" (smoothies).
*watching you sleep.

I am so happy to be home with you each day. I know this is a wonderful opportunity and blessing that your daddy makes possible every day. I hope you will someday understand the sacrifice this means and make the same decision. It is something I will never regret.

Happy 2nd Birthday shmunchkin! I love you with all my heart.