Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Got Light?

We had a 5 hour power outage last night. It wouldn't have been too bad except it was 110 degrees outside at the time so our little apartment got pretty warm after about 2-3 hours. We made sure to get everyone bathed and showered while we still had light and we got Mattie fed while we could still see pretty well. Nobody knew how long we would be without power because the main transformer for the city was burned down in a fire. We were lucky to get back power in only 5 hours.

(Choking down my saltwater) Another surprise was that it started to RAIN a couple of hours into the outage. That helped to cool things down a little bit and gave us some cloud cover. The Lord certainly does work in mysterious ways! Our little family just sat around and talked and played together. It really was a pleasant evening, in spite of the heat.

The evening without power was also a good reminder that we need to have a few more emergency items on hand here at our little house. We really don't have much room, but we need to make sure we have batteries at least! I think we need more lanterns too. A wider selection of cooking free meals would be good too. For this outage we were set because Matt and I are on this lemonade cleanse, so we had nothing to worry about food wise, but that wont always be the case. Well, have a great day everyone! I'm off to finish my saltwater and to have a glass of lemonade...