Monday, July 16, 2007

Another one bites the dust!

I actually finished my daily saltwater a hour and a half ago! Another one down! It went down quick today, thankfully! We are on day 8 with 4 more to go. I am feeling really good! My energy is up, my attitude is up, my motivation is up and my excitement to tackle the "eating healthy" challenge is up. I am currently working on a way pump up the health factor of some of our favorite meals.

For example, we LOVE tacos and tostadas at our house. So, in order to up the health factor we plan on switching flour to corn tortillas. And to up the veggie count we love to add beans and corn to the taco. Top with some lettuce, tomatoes and a fresh salsa and you have a pretty darn healthy taco!! YUM! We also love pasta at our house. The first obvious change will be to whole grain pasta. Next would be to have flavorful sauces full of veggies.

In general, I think it's safe to say that another problem is portion control, so that is what we will also work on. The good news is that we are "cleaned out" and free of all sorts of the toxins and crud that accumulate in our bodies after drinking too much soda and coffee and eating too much crap-ola.
I am on the look out for your favorite healthy recipes. Please share!