Monday, June 25, 2007

Homeword Bound

That is the name of the song my talented cousins performed at my Grandfather's funeral Saturday morning. It was such a beautiful and fitting song. The services were perfect and a satisfying ending to a wonderful life. The 3 speakers were sweet and comforting and the music was peaceful. We all commented after the funeral that we could feel Grandma and Grandpa there with us and we thought they liked what was done.

As I now begin to get back into my daily life I feel heavy. For some reason I thought once I returned home after the past 5 days away that I would be able to let go and move on. Instead I feel unable to believe they are really both gone and that the house sits empty while we go on with our lives. I may go back in a couple of weeks to help clean and organize, but I'll decide when I get to that bridge. For now I will just look at my pictures one more time and wait for the ability to let go.

Saturday was a wonderful day. As I mentioned the services were beautiful, but Saturday we had a BBQ at the house like we used to do years ago. It was fun to see another generation of children running around yard playing night games and eating raspberries from the garden. It was also fun to sit and talk and reminisce about "the good ole days". As the older grandchildren we watched the little grandchildren and great-grandchildren doing all the things we had done 20+ years. As siblings we talked about mom and dad and all they had accomplished and taught us. We realize the memories we all have aren't housed in this home, but selling the house feels like we will lose them.