Friday, July 2, 2010

Content Cheerleading

Recently, I was at one of my hubby's football games. This is our second year in the semi-pro arena, but we have been "doing football" for years. Me cheering, Matt playing. I don't pretend to know more then the coach and my cheering is very generic. I shout things like, "come on guys!" or "defense!" or "WooooHooooo!" or "you little @#*$!" (just kidding about that last one-mostly). Anyway, you get my point. GENERIC.

Well, at this particular game, we had a gal in the stands who wanted to be the coach. She was sitting a couple rows behind me and she KNEW what our team should and should not be doing and was very vocal about it. Every game has a smarty pants and this gal fit the bill. It didn't even phase me until she whispered to her neighbor, "why even bother cheering unless you have something constructive to say". I heard her whispering and quietly laughed to myself.  What a goof.

I continued on with my happy, non-constructive, generic cheering, when I heard the whispering again, "if she says 'come on guys' one more time, I might have to change seats". It was then that I realized she was talking about ME. This gal actually thought I was cheering wrong. Is that even possible? It's not like they can HEAR you LADY!!

For the next major play on the field, I found myself holding back on my cheering. When I glanced back at this gal, she was looking at me. Then she winked, nodded and went on with her "content cheerleading" (not to be confused with a person who feels content). I was both embarrassed and mad. Now I wanted to change seats.

You will be happy to know that I did no such thing. As a matter of fact, I stood and cheered the rest of the game. By doing this, the woman behind me had to stand-up in order to see. HA I could hear her grumbling to anyone who would listen. HAHA I cheered my generic cheers even louder. My daughter got into it with me! There we were, cheering, stomping, having a good time HAHAHA

The woman changed seats.