Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kitchen Cabinets (guest post)

The author of this guest post is Sandra Lee Reed

I have been begging my husband for new kitchen cabinets since we moved into this home. Mine are nice, but not near enough storage space. I also wanted to get them in a darker wood to match the rest of the kitchen. I finally talked him into ordering some for me.

We went to a local hardware store to pick out cabinets. It took me a long time to decide which Sears kitchen cabinets that I wanted to buy for our home. I knew this was a decision that I would have to like because we would not be changing them again. I went home with a few ideas and got measurements. I then went back to finally order them about a week later.

We got our new kitchen cabinets installed another week after I ordered them. I was so excited with the way my kitchen looked after they were finished. It looked so much classier. The dark wood made the room match. I was able to fit all my pots and pans into the cabinets. I finally had a pantry that I had been wanting since we moved into this home. I am so glad that we finally did this! It was worth every penny we spent on it.