Sunday, May 16, 2010


FUNDRAISING insight that is. Welcome back Fast Track Fundraising, and a special welcome to These websites are two of the best resources out there in order to have a successful fundraising event.
I know school is almost out, but the truth is, this is the time to prepare for the next school year's fundraising. Here are some great ideas for school fundraisers from and; cut a rug with a fundraising dance, organize your event around a holiday like Cinco de Mayo (plan ahead) or Labor Day. For the summer days ahead, you could plan a BBQ as a school fundraiser!

Until reviewing their site, I was completely unaware of how many fundraising products there were out there! For example, you could sell discount cards. A great one would be for gift cards. Who wouldn't want that?! Another great idea would be to host a free online fundraiser. Your options are limitless!

Prepare for the 2011 school year with's high profit fundraising events. Your organization will thank you!

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