Saturday, May 8, 2010

Being a Mother (and a giveaway)

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Tomorrow is Mother's Day. 
I love this holiday. 

Not because of the little present I get
at church on Sunday (although it's nice).
Not because of the Primary children's
special program (although it's a plus).
Not because my hubby and daughter
pamper me and fix Sunday dinner 
(although it's great).

I love this holiday because it celebrates
one of the most basic, simple, yet joyful
parts of me. Being a Mother.

All my life I dreamed of Being a Mother.
I wasn't big on playing with dolls, but I
was big on playing "house". And you would
always find me Being a Mother.

When I found-out I was pregnant, my heart
leapt in my chest. It was hear! The part of my
life I dreamed about had finally arrived! It
came later then planned (I was weeks from 30
when Mattie arrived), but it was here no less.

The months following were my own personal
hell. Pregnancy wasn't kind to me. I wasn't
beautiful and glowing (in my opinion)
and I felt AWFUL all.of.the.time. Every day
activities required more then I had to give.
It was a miracle I made it the full 9 months.

Labor and delivery were the best part of the
whole deal. Once that epidural kicked in, I was
in heaven for the first time in MONTHS.
My hubby was a dream partner during the
delivery and my baby was perfect. She looked
EXACTLY like her daddy, and has had him
wrapped around her little finger ever since.

Of course, being a new mom isn't glamorous.
There is aching and leaking and healing (oh my).
Late nights, middle of the nights, and early
mornings. Not only has your body morphed into
something unrecognizable, but you now have to 
figure out how to function with a little person 
attached to you (sometimes literally).

It's glorious. It's miraculous. It's sacred.
Being a Mother is better then I dreamed it
would be. I've always loved being a woman,
but Being a Mother completed the most
basal part of me. The part I recognized, even
as a child.

It's only been in recent years that I fully
appreciated the fact that bearing a child
didn't make me a mother. I was a mother
long before. Every time I cared for a child,
I was Being a Mother. Every time I loved
a child, I was Being a Mother. I believe I
was born a mother. That part of me has 
always existed. It is a divine gift.

To all of you wonderful Mothers out there,
Happy Mother's Day. Enjoy your special
day. Graciously accept your gifts tomorrow,
even if you have never born a child. 
You are still Being a Mother.

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