Friday, September 25, 2009

You will thank me later.

Can I have your attention please?!

Announcing, the latest and greatest in meeting your meal planning needs!

I proudly introduce you to my cousins Cammie and Emily from "Pocket Full of Posies".

These two innovative women and have found a way to solve the ever present problem of feeding your family on a budget (of both time and money!). In a most creative (and wallet friendly) fashion, they have come up with a system that includes weekly meals, the recipes and the weekly SHOPPING LISTS. What a time saver for the rest of us!

Each system you buy includes the following (as stated on their site):

"The monthly pocket system is divided into 4 weekly pockets. The first pocket represents week 1 of the month, the second pocket represents week 2, and so on. 
Each pocket will be filled with a recipe pack to be used that week.
A recipe pack includes 5 recipes and 1 ingredient list.
An ingredient list categorizes every ingredient from each of the 5 recipes in the recipe pack.
Also, on the back of each of those recipes is an individual ingredient list."
How cool is that? What would it mean to you to save all that time and money? For me, that time and money is priceless. It means less attention spent with my nose in a recipe book or online searching for something different to feed my family. It means being able to save some money each month for a rainy day. I would like to tell you why this system works, in their own words"
"Why the System Works
Planning meals ahead saves time, saves money, and keeps your family consistently fed.
Why the pocket system saves time:
1. All of your recipes are in one place; no need to spend hours searching through dusty old cook books, trying to make a meal plan.
2. Your grocery list is 75% complete.

Why the Pocket System saves money:
1. Because the meals are planned for the month, there is no need to stray from your grocery shopping list each week.
2. Each recipe pack contains 1-2 extremely low cost meals for the week.

Why the Pocket System keeps your family consistently fed:
1. If you follow the Pocket System and grocery shopping each week, you will have all necessary ingredients to make each meal.
2. The meals are planned, there’s no excuse to not cook!"

So, my devoted readers, please take the time to check these ladies out. You will thank me later!

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