Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I love the feeling I get when I hear good music. It might be something acoustic, something loud with a strong beat, something soft like a lullaby, something low and bluesy. I just love music.

Growing-up I listened to a lot of Journey and Chicago. One of my favorites of Journey was "Don't Stop Believing". I remember riding in my best friend Terri's little red truck with the windows rolled down. It was February in Mukilteo, Washington, which means very wet and cold, and we were driving in view of the Puget Sound on the Mukilteo Boulevard. We cranked the music, sang at the top of our lungs and F-R-O-Z-E. We felt free and energized! A FANTASTIC MEMORY!

Listening to this guy sing almost made me cry. Seriously. All those high school memories flooded over me and I was surrounded with the ghosts of who my friends and I used to be. Listen to this guy. For me, he captured the feeling of this song.

What a talent.