Monday, August 31, 2009

Our growing family

So, last week we inherited our friends fish. The family (one of our favorites) has moved to St. Louis and we got to have the fish. On a side note: we would much rather keep our friends than their fish. Anyway, the fish have been a fun addition to the family. They are potty trained, cheap to feed and require virtually no extra work-MY KIND OF PET! Well, the day came to name the fish. We let Mattie do the naming. Right away she said, "the white one is named Pluto". After a bit of thinking and temple tapping she said, "the orange one is Tiger". We patiently waited as she thought and thought of what to name the smallest spotted fish. Then it came to her. "The small will be baby Ella because she is the smallest just like our baby Ella!"


No this is not a pregnancy announcement. Although, I think Mattie wishes it was. Lately she has talked A LOT about "baby Ella". I think she must be getting desperate for a sibling-preferably a sister. Enough so that she had to name the fish after her.

Without too many gory details let me say this. As soon as I can secure some insurance I will get preggers. I think I would like to meet this baby Ella that Mattie keeps talking about.

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