Friday, September 19, 2008

Mattie has been tagged!

Name: Matilyn Lee

Name meaning: Matilyn (Madeline) in Greek means High Tower, in Hebrew it means Tower of Strength. We liked it because it was a play on Matt's name and she has my (and my mom and grandma's) middle name.

Age: 26 1/2 months.

Nicknames: Mattie, little sister, princess

Favorite Activities: singing, swinging, climbing, jumping, watching "her shows"

Favorite Foods: toast, apples, tomatoes, grapes, carrots, peaches, mac & cheese, chicken nuggets

Least Favorite Foods: meat, potatoes and many other things...

Favorite Music: Mickey Mouse songs, Primary songs

Favorite Toys: blocks, babies, train set, stacking stars, her new wooden "paper dollie"

Favorite Book: ALL Olivia books, Curious George stories, Tummy Girl, Ladybug Book

Favorite item of clothing: "spider" dress(it doesn't have spiders on it, she just calls it that), star skirt and jackets

What makes her happy: having Daddy come home from work, playing outside, going to Nursery

What makes her sad: leaving Nursery, when her family isn't "together", going to bed when she hasn't spent much time with Daddy.

4 things she wishes she could do:
1. Run around outside without supervision.
2. Swing all day EVERY DAY.
3. Eat mac and cheese every meal.
4. cook like mommy.

We love you princess!