Sunday, May 11, 2008

Do you play favorites?

I really hate to play favorites, but I have a few blogs I H A V E to read every day.

I love Nicki at i'Wright. She is hilarious, a fabulous cook and a mother (like me)! MomBabe at The Bingham Diaries is another daily must have. She is raw, real, a fabulous cook (like Nicki) and a mother (like me)! And last but certainly not least is Ree at The Pioneer Woman. This woman has brought cattle ranch living to life for me. She is creative, funny, a fabulous cook (like Nicki) and a mom (like me)!

These women help me not feel so alone or overwhelmed on this road of motherhood. There are many others I love to check on a regular basis, but the above three are favorites.

Who are your favorite bloggers? The ones you can't go a day without checking.

Please share!