Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the dam is near breaking

(Women's underwear is about to be discussed.
You have been warned.)

I once discussed this topic here, but now I need to revisit it. Bras ladies. Let's talk bras. Am I the only one out there unhappy with her collection of ill-fitting, too tight, too loose, too saggy, too wide, too UGLY bras? My personal dilemma is almost too embarrassing to admit...

Like a fellow blogger once wrote, "the dam is near breaking". Pregnancy did a number on my chest area. I don't even want to RECALL nursing, it wasn't pretty.

Now that my pregnant and nursing days are over (for now) I am still large (due to the "fluff") and finding bras that fit is a
CHORE so daunting that I settle on some ugly, ill-fighting number from Wal-M*rt. Not that the bra from Wal-M*rt even fits. If I were measured correctly, I'm sure I would find that it is MANY sizes too small.

Without getting too personal let me paint a picture. I like underwire. It holds everything in place. On my current bras, the wire in the middle sticks out. It doesn't lay flat against my chest (I hear it's supposed to). My daughter thinks it's her personal handle to hang onto. At home I can tolerate it (barely). Out in public, at church, the park? Not cool.

Anyway, what are your tips? What are your favorite stores (I tried Lane Bryant and actually
hate the bra I spent $32 on. I SWEAR it fit in the store!)? Who has a bra story they are willing to share? Something like finding out your true size for the first time and fainting. I think that would be my story if I had somewhere I could go to be measured. For those of you ladies out there who share my faith and underwear choice, how do you handle that for a bra fitting? From my chair here at my computer that seems awfully awkward...