Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I have a lot going on in my head today. I am going to spill it all out and hope you can make sense of it.

I didn't walk this morning. I am so bummed about it that I can hardly look at myself in the mirror. Seriously! I can't even say more about it than that.

My delicious ice cream bday cake (layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with crumbly, chocolaty, carmely goodness in between) from DQ is finally gone. As I ate my last slice last night I could almost hear Calamity Jane saying spit it out! Wash it down the sink! "Just don't do it"! Well, I turned her off and ate it anyway. I felt sick after. Serves me right.

I need a new bra. What kind do you wear? Can you live without it? That's what I am looking for. A bra I can't live without. I'm tired of the girls being low and wide. I want high and within my body frame, even a bit of appropriate cleavage (nothing raunchy, please. I'm pretty much a prude.). It doesn't have to be cute and frilly. I am looking for something practical that will stand up to the everyday throws of motherhood! And what sizing chart/measuring system works best for you? OR, are you learning from trial and error? My experience is strictly trial and error-with not much success. Please respond here ladies! Help a fellow girl out!

A few weeks ago I found in the deli case of my local Smith's Food and Drug a condensed mix for my favorite Ivar's clam chowder. It's heaven on a spoon. I remember being a teenager in Mukilteo, Washington, going down to the waterfront, and ordering a cup of this warm, creamy chowder. I would then find a good log and watch the tide role in while enjoying my little cup of heaven. I miss that. So when I found this mix I was beside myself with excitement and nostalgia. So, last night was deemed the night we partake of heaven.... It wasn't the same. I had set my expectations too high! How could this little package of thick, gooey mix (just add milk) hold a candle to my memories?! Well, it didn't. So I sadly washed the leftovers down the drain, wishing for the real thing, as I watched the lumpy liquid swirl in my sink. I guess I better make a trip "home"!