Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Missing "Home"

As the saying goes, "home is where you hang your hat", but for me home is a bit more than that. Home is where I "grew-up". Home is where I have people I love. Home is beautiful. Home is comfortable. Home has memories. All of these things describe my "home". Where is "home" you ask? Mukilteo, Washington of course!

This is a picture of the Mukilteo Lighthouse with a ferry in the background. Isn't it gorgeous?! This is one of the things I am missing today. The water and that beautiful blue sky. What would I give to be able to pack a lunch and ride the ferry this afternoon...
I also miss the beach. The good 'ole rocky Mukilteo beach. This place holds more than beauty for me. It holds a lot of fond memories.

I "grew-up" (10 years) with a fabulous group of girls that I am still friends with today (17 years). We spent many days on this beach. Many youth activities, marshmallow roasts, games of SCARS, dates and simple walks just to talk.

I think I miss that most of all today.
Talks with good friends on the beach.