Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tell me. Honestly. Are we CRAZY?!

On Thursday our business partner, his wife and two kids (under two) are coming with us as we head out of town. The tricky part is our "seating arrangements". Our business partner and his wife are riding their motorcycle. They have wanted to go on a road trip for awhile and this was a great opportunity. Their kids will be in the truck with us. That's right. We will have 3 kiddos in the backseat of our truck for a 7-8 hour drive. Are we crazy? Will this be a hellacious trip? Any suggestions on ways to entertain the munchkins?

I am prepared to bring a portable DVD player and many DVDs, snacks, juice boxes, water bottles, blankies, binkies/pacifiers, books, crayons, etc.
What is on your list of things you cannot live without when traveling with your kids. Anything is fair game... well, almost anything.