Monday, April 7, 2008

coming up for air

(disclaimer: poop talk ahead. You have been warned.)

Friday I hit bottom. If things didn't dramatically improve by Monday we were headed to the doctor. I had tried everything I knew to do and even tried several suggestions from others. Nothing was working!

What was the problem you ask? Diaper rash to the 10th degree (and beyond) and constipation. Not me. My daughter.

I can talk about it now because she pooped all day Saturday and her rash is almost cleared up. Here is what I learned:

* Changing the diaper of an almost two year old who has a bad diaper rash is a full body/muscle experience.

* I need more washcloths.

* Time really can heal all wounds (and diaper rashes).

* Cornstarch can be used for a lot more than making gravy and strawberry cheesecake sauce!

* FIBER!! (mine took the form of homemade bran muffins my daughter lovingly calls cookies and a smoothie that has flax seeds and flax seed oil in it)


*Patience, Patience, Patience, etc.

* More patience...

* Triple Paste works! It's not cheap, but worth every penny.

But most of all I learned that the Lord is mindful of us always. As a mother I needed to know what to do for my daughter. She was miserable and I was the one who needed to fix it. The Lord also knew I was on empty. General Conference filled me nicely.

Anyway, the diaper rash is clearing up, the bran muffins are being distributed, the smoothies are flowing and my sanity has made a great comeback.

All's well that ends well!