Thursday, March 27, 2008

What do you say...

...when you miss meeting up with your walking buddy
T W I C E in one week?!?! (I am sooo embarrassed)

I really did have my alarm set the first time (Tuesday) and must have simply turned it off in my comatose state (that's what happens when you go to bed late after playing video games too long with your husband).

The second time is the age old teenager answer - "I didn't hear my alarm!" - which is the absolute truth!!! I double checked my alarm last night. I even set the time a bit earlier so t
hat I wouldn't even be a couple minutes late (again). I turned up the radio volume a couple clicks just to ensure hearing it.

At 6:45 am (one HOUR after my original wake-up time) I flew out of my bed!! What happened THIS TIME?!? Well, the radio station wasn't working this morning. SERIOUSLY!!! Last night it was fine. Nice and loud. This morning.... STATIC! What the?!?!

Anyway. I feel like a heel. My friend and I both want the exercise and knowing she is waiting for me helps me get going. I have felt great each day we walk and I am excited to get going in the morning. I have even been having a little time in the morning to eat a
good breakfast with my husband sans the babe. It's a fun change.

Sorry my friend! Are we still on for tomorrow?