Tuesday, March 4, 2008

To Sleeve or Not To Sleeve...

(An extreme example...hahaha! Look at this swimming suit!)Here's a hot topic.


Are they important at your house?

As a little girl I always wore outfits that had sleeves. I didn't know what I was "missing" because it was never an option. When I became a teenager modesty was never an issue because, again, I didn't know any other way. Skirts always came to the knee (approximately) and sleeves weren't optional, they were the norm.


Now I have a little girl of my own. I appreciate the decision my mother made for me at such a young age. Only now do I understand that it was a decision.

I am shopping for a darling Easter dress for my daughter. EVERYTHING is sweet, brightly colored, so cute and SLEEVELESS.

I am not debating the cute factor of sleeveless outfits (for little girls and women),
I am debating the modesty issue. You may say "Mattie is only 20 months old, who cares? It's no big deal!" Well, I care. At what age do you enforce the sleeves rule? Do you enforce it?

There are also degrees of sleeves.

Some are very long, puffy and/or frumpy.

Others are skimpy or non-existent.

I want for my daughter the ease I had when it came to clothing. No wondering if what she is wearing is appropriate or not. From the time I could understand I knew that I was dressing in a way that was in keeping with the standards of my church, in keeping with my goals to go to the Temple and in keeping with what I/we felt would be comfortable if Jesus were with me.

What are your thoughts on the matter? If you don't have any daughters, please share your personal experiences. I am looking for additional points of view and opinions.