Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And in conclusion...

... we will be doing sleeves at our house.

No, not an earth shattering decision. Nor is it foreign to me (as mentioned in my previous post). It was nice to read your comments on this and see various points of view. For our family, wearing sleeves from the start will be the best. I can see my daughter wondering why no sleeves were ok at 3 but not at 4, or what ever other age sleeves are enforced. Too confusing.

This is a challenge I choose to take on from the beginning (thank you Marilyn). Right now my daughter doesn't really understand the difference. When she is old enough to care we will begin the modesty in dress conversations. This talk in the 2003 Ensign was a wonderful resource and supported the feelings I have had all along. Thank you to one all who participated in my discussion.

Onward and upward!!!