Monday, October 22, 2007

Humor Me, One More Time

I went out again folks! A good walk with some running. I didn't time it. My mind couldn't manage it today. All I can say is I ran the block from the tennis courts to the football field. That's quite a distance! The important part is this, it's a greater distance than I went on Friday. Yahoo!! It was hard to get out of bed, pull up the covers (without me in them) and put on my walking clothes. I knew it was cold outside. I knew it was still warm in my bed. I RESISTED!! I thought of my goals and got out there!
It feels good to follow through with something I told myself I would do. I find it too easy to lie to myself. The night before I say, "Self, you are getting up and walking tomorrow. No excuses. Well, if the baby wakes up maybe I wont. NO! I said 'no excuses'. Well, I did go to bed late, maybe I'll go out the next day. NO! I said 'no excuses'. Etc.". That's the internal dialogue. Way to build in a way to get out! I am working on "No Excuses" this week.

Talk to me about breakfast and lunch. In your fast paced world of mothering, working, exercising, homeschooling and shuttling kids to this and that what do you eat? I hear so many conflicting reports on what is a "good". I just want what works! I need fuel! I need energy! I need something that will last longer than 1.5 hours! I need portable!

So, please share!