Friday, October 19, 2007

4 Minutes!

I did it!! I ran for FOUR MINUTES this morning! The greatest part is that I think I could have gone longer. However, I decided to go with my "take it slow" strategy and stopped at 4. We'll see what next week brings.

Here's the funny part about my 4 minutes. I don't have a pedometer, stopwatch, or other "clocking" device. I have to count. 1 (one thousand), 2 (one thousand), 3 (one thousand), etc. The rhythm keeps my mind off of the fact that I am actually running. Today got tricky though. 4 minutes, that's 240 seconds. I had to really concentrate so I wouldn't lose track! After today I decided I better break down and buy me something that will help me. Anything more than my 4 minutes will be too hard. I guess I could just see how many times I count to 60. HAHAHA! Nah. I'll just go buy something.

Any recommendations?!