Thursday, October 4, 2007


Alright, I confess! Despite setting my alarm, putting out my clothes and getting the Ipod ready the night before I HAVE NOT exercised even ONCE this entire week!

Actually, this week was a complete fall off of the healthy wagon

On Monday we had a good dinner - roast chicken legs with carrots and onions, red potatoes (small portion) and a delicious salad with a balsamic dressing. Tuesday - wheat angel hair pasta tossed with basil pesto and garlic bread (too many carbs, not enough protein and
veggies). Wednesday... Wingers... enough said. Thursday - buttered egg noodles covered with a crock pot cream cheese chicken lusciousness and a side of zucchini, peas and carrots (veggies good, the rest... not so good).

So, now what? Go out for greasy pizza tomorrow and bag this entire week?! Ugh...

I am looking for an easy, painless, effortless way to lose weight, gain muscle and cook fabulously healthy meals ALL DAY for me and my family (chortle, snicker, snort, PAH!).

Where does the discipline come from? Because that is what this boils to in my book.


Any ideas? ;)

I need a chef and a bed that boots me out at 6 am...