Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What does the kitty say?

Mattie is starting to imitate animal sounds. I have always loved playing with other kids in this way, but now that it's my own child IT'S EVEN MORE FUN! It sounds like we live in a zoo here! Mattie meows ALL DAY and AT EVERYTHING. It's such a riot. She also imitates a puppy, a lamb (it sounds like she's laughing when she tries to say "baa"), a "momma duck" (not just a regular duck), a lion (hysterical!) and gets the "mmm" of "moo" for a cow. Today she also started to say "bibit" when asked what a frog says. This might be my favorite stage so far. However, I think I say that with every new stage. I LOVE THEM ALL!

For me, I had to wait till I was 30 (29 and 9 months) to have kids. At 21 I was on an LDS mission and when I got home the last thing on my mind was having a family. I dated with the intention of finding a husband, but kids never really entered my mind (although I always new I wanted to have children). After being married for 3 years we decided we better grow-up and get on with the baby-making years of our family. It was the perfect timing for us! Everything since then has worked out. Not always in the way we had hoped (we are STILL renting) but always in the way the Lord intended.