Saturday, August 11, 2007

Turkey meatballs and the already forged path

I have been away. There isn't one particular reason. Just the every day life of a mom on the go.

Tonight I tried to make turkey meatballs. Without a recipe. With meat that has been "thawing" in my fridge for 3 days. The smell while they were baking was enough for me to throw open the oven door, empty the baking sheet into the sink, and shove them down the disposer without so much as a nibble. This little experience has gotten the wheels in my brain turning.

I tend to be a person who has to try to make turkey meatballs without a recipe. I do things the hard way. Losing weight - the hard way. Learning patience - the hard way. Gaining a smidge of humility - the hard way. For my LDS family and friends, how "Laman and Lemuel" of me! For those of my friends who are not LDS, how stubborn and pig-headed of me! Why can't I walk the already forged path? It's clear. The stumbling points are marked. There are warning signs posted. Well, in light of this rediscovered part of myself, I hope to turn a new leaf!

My husband has been begging me since before he was my husband to take this seminar a friend of his directs. Why haven't I done it? No good reason. I can be stubborn and pig-headed, as mentioned before. Everyone who has taken it has raved about it. "It's life changing!" "I finally know what makes me tick!" "It helped me forgive those around me!" "I stopped caring so much about what others think!" The comments go on and ON (to the point of annoying in my clearly not so humble opinion). Anyway, I am going to take the plunge. It looks like the second weekend in September is the big weekend. I am going to do it (Ummm, assuming I can find a baby-sitter)!!

The truth? I'm scared. Why? Because of what I might find out about myself. Isn't that crazy?! This seminar could be my "recipe". No more stinky, gross turkey meatballs! This is an already forged path that I am choosing to follow.

I have butterflies in my stomach...