Friday, July 20, 2007


We did it! Yahoo! Today is the very LAST DAY of my saltwater. The LAST DAY of my lemonade. The LAST DAY of my gross tea. I am thrilled with the cleansing results we have experienced and we plan on doing another cleanse one day. HOWEVER, boy am I glad to be done! 12 days was plenty long...

Because we haven't had solids for so many days we have to ease our way back into food. Tomorrow we will have strictly orange juice. Sunday we will have orange juice in the morning and afternoon then vegetable broth in the evening. On Monday we will have orange juice in the morning and then veggies with the veggie broth for lunch and dinner along with a salad for dinner. Starting Tuesday we can eat anything we want. It is recommended you stick to a diet pumped up with fruits and vegetables, so that is our plan!

We have some fun recipes lined up and most of all, a good attitude. Matt has lost 20 POUNDS!! I lost about half of that, but many inches. I have a pair of shorts I wore for the 4th of July and I can literally pull them off without unzipping them. I know this weight loss will fluctuate, but it's a wonderful start!