Monday, July 23, 2007


The orange juice has DELIGHTFUL! So fresh and sweet tasting compared to the lemon juice. Matt and I both felt that we could have benefited from cleansing a bit longer, but mentally we couldn't go another day. 12 was our limit! We feel great (except I have had some sinus pain for a couple of days) and really do look forward to another cleanse down the road. We had a wonderful experience that set the stage for better eating habits.

The vegetable broth and cooked vegetables have also been delightful. Just chewing something other than ice was a nice change. We have really enjoyed the fresh veggies from my parents garden. For dinner tonight we got to have a salad! YUM-O (thank you Rachael Ray)!! The crunchy vegetables really hit the spot.

My daughter Mattie is just glad to be able to sit and eat with us again. She really missed that the last 12 days. And you know, we did too. Tuesday (tomorrow) is our first day to eat a whole meal - meat, veggies, fruit, whatever. We really want to take it easy and not overload ourselves. Wish us luck!