Friday, July 13, 2007

Go figure...

Oh man, so far day 5 of this cleanse is kicking my butt. This saltwater thing is surprisingly getting easier with each passing day. The "lemonade" is pretty good and we started adding limes to it last night just to mix things up. As of yesterday morning Matt had lost 13 pounds!!! I am down only 3... go figure! I actually don't even care, I am just so excited for my husband!!!

The cleansing thing is taking it's toll on Mattie too. This little one year old does not understand why mommy and daddy aren't eating meals with her anymore. Every time a meal or snack comes around she starts to throw a fit because she wants us to eat with her. It's starting to get better, but she is still confused. Another funny thing is that she loves the "lemonade" we drink. It's quite tart but she doesn't care! She loves it when we let her have a sip from our straws. She always says, "Mmmmm..." after each drink. Funny girl!

One of the tricks to this cleanse is also a huge blessing. And that is when you come off the cleanse you have to do it gradually and wisely, only consuming orange juice, then veggie broth and then fruits and veggies for a few days. Matt and I hope to use this cleanse as a jumping off point for a change in lifestyle for us. We really want to be healthier! Not just for the weight loss (which we need) but because it helps us feel better! We also want Mattie to learn good habits from us, not our bad eating habits.

So, here's my confession for the day. Matt got free tickets to see the new Harry Potter movie with his "Little" through Big Brothers Big Sisters and I am GREEN with jealousy. Of course, I am so excited for him to go with his "Little, but I still wish I could go! Oh well, maybe in a couple of weeks when we get paid!