Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Making General Conference Fun For Preschoolers

I love watching General Conference. The spirit fills my home and I find myself wanting to be a better, wife, mother, friend, daughter and sister. It helps me keep things in proper perspective rather than flying off the handle to easily. Adding kids into the mix changed everything. When Mattie was younger, I could more easily keep her entertained. Conveniently, conference also landed during nap time. Those days are over. This will be my first General Conference with two 4 year olds. Because I need the guidance that comes from church leaders, I am creating a series of things for my girls to do while watching General Conference. Of course, I have a packet full of coloring pages, letters and words to trace and helpful activities. I found a darling pumpkin coloring page with topics for the kids to color. I also plan on making a special snack for the family to enjoy.

What are you favorite General Conference foods and snacks? 

Do you have any special traditions you would like to share?

Below are the links to some of my favorite activities for kids. I am looking forward to a successful and memorable General Conference weekend.

Making General Conference Memorable (this is a blog post I have referred to for a couple of years)

As far as food goes, I plan on giving each girl a little treat basket. They can eat what they want, when they want, but there is no refills for the day. They will have to ration (or not ration) on their own. I have done this with Mattie in past years and it worked great. Zoe has never seen General Conference before, or even seen the prophet before, so this will be a great learning weekend!

**Stay tuned for a delicious Mac and Cheese recipe. You could make it for General Conference weekend and be the star of the show. The leftovers are as awesome as eating it the first time around!