Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sex Slavery and Human Trafficking (a repost from I Never Grew-Up)

(This is copied from my friend Vanessa Brown's blog, I Never Grew-up. Please show your support!)

Sex Slavery and Human Trafficking.
In North America, the United States and Canada.
Of beautiful children. Beautiful children that deserve a life of happiness, safety and love. Which is being ripped away from them and putting them in situation that I won’t even pretend that I could understand or explain in the slightest.
300,000 American children are at risk of sexual exploitation.

I wish everyone involved in this has a slow painful death followed by a long forever in hell.

We need to help end this now so these beautiful children can have a second chance. So that future beautiful children, sweet pure spirits are not exposed to this absolute FILTH.
Child Rescue has as goal of “90 by 2020” meaning that by 2020 they will reduce child sex slavery by 90% in the US and Canada.

What are YOU going to do to help?

Learn what you can do at Child Rescue, keep yourself updated on everything they are doing and how you can help. 

On August 21st there is a Festival at Thanksgiving Point in Utah that YOU can be a part of. Donate to the cause and learn more about what you can do in the future to help.

The Candlelight Serenade Acoustic Festival
Who will be performing?
Chris Carrabba (you know from Dashboard Confessional)
Nick Hexum (you know from 311)
Third Eye Blind
Relient K

I will be out of the country and it hurts, I want to be there. Will all of you go for me and show your support along with mine?

Buy Tickets here: http://www.candlelightserenade.com/Buy%20Tickets.html
Can’t go then HELP SPREAD THE WORD by emailing people you know, twittering, facebooking or blogging about it.
Thank you.
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