Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Top 10 Women of Blogging

I have come across some pretty remarkable women in the blogging world. Some like to cook, some like to read. Some like to run, some are trying to like to run. Some have major life-changing events happening, some are blissfully strolling along. Some of them are in the throes of motherhood while others are emptynesters. All of them are amazing, thoughtful, well versed and visited almost daily by me. The list I have compiled are 10 of my personal favorites. They are in no particular order and I hope you will visit them all and leave some comment love. We all love comments. Even the famous blogging ladies.

10.  Bloom: This blog is actually authored by two women, Anne and Emily. Their love for family above all else is what draws me to them. I also love the way I feel when I visit. It's breath of fresh air (and ideas) each time.

9.  Hairyshoefairy: I have been following this gem since my early days in blogging. When we met in-real-life at the Casual Bloggers Conference, she was just as charming in person as she is on her blog. Her sewing skills are enviable and I love her taste in shoes.

8.  CJane Enjoy It: Back in 2007, I was first introduced to CJane. I was oblivious to her fame and just visited for her funny stories and honest look at infertility. She inspired me to enter thrift shops and to wear vintage jewelry. Today, with her fame worldwide, I am still drawn to her honesty and funny stories. It''s good to know some things never change.

7.  Healthy Tipping Point: My relationship with this blog is love hate. Caitlin is a talented, exercise loving, healthy eating woman. Her posts remind me daily of what I could be doing to improve. That is where the love and hate comes in. I love and hate her for the same reason. The recipes are fantastic as is her personality that shines through. You could also love hate her for her photography.

6.  Blue and Shoe: First, my summer 2010 thanks her for introducing me to "rabbit poop ice". Oh, you don't know what that is? Go visit and she will tell you. When we met at the Casual Bloggers Conference I fell in love. I have read her blog faithfully ever since. Daily I nearly fall off my chair from laughing and I love her taste in shoes also. Who doesn't love a beautiful blue shoe?

5. I Never Grew-Up: I was a silent stalker of this blog for quite some time. The primary message that comes through loud and clear is that Vanessa is first and foremost a wonderful mother to her two beautiful daughters. After that, take your pick! She has her hand in so many pots it's hard to keep up. Not only that, Vanessa is good at everything she touches. Go on over and try not to be envious.

4.  NieNie Dialogues: Well, if you are reading this post and you don't know who Stephanie Nielson is, climb out from under your rock and go visit. I will wait here... From her stylish taste in clothing and home furnishings to her talent in the vegetarian kitchen to her love for her God, husband and children, you can't help but leave her blog humbled and inspired. I want to be a better person after spending a few minutes with NieNie. Daily she is honest about her life now and how she does or does not get through it. This blog is a must read. (and her header turns me green seasonally.)

3.  Veronica Reeve Photography: Oh how I love to pa-rouse this blog. Not only is it pretty to look at, but her talent as a photographer makes me jealous. Veronica's cup of tea is children and their families. The eyes in her photographs sparkle and the colors are vibrant. This one is a must-see! And leave an "ooh la la" while you are there.

2.  The Bingham Diaries: For me, this blog is mommy snark at its finest. Daily she tells of her adventures with her 4 shortlings, and I am left either picking up my jaw off my desk or wiping the tears from laughter. Maybe even both. At the same time. Mombabe tells it how it is and I love her for that!

1. Crazyland: Tales From The Motherboard: This woman has amazing taste in music! I also love reading her "Random Radomness". Both her talent and her personality shine through as she tells of her children and her life as a woman and a mother. Crazyland is a must-see.

I hope you are as inspired, uplifted, humored and humbled as I am by these women. AND, please share some of your favorites in my comments. I can always use another excuse to avoid the laundry and dishes.

P.S. This is my attempt at Day 2 of 31DBBB. Is it successful?

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