Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Have You Ever...

... had something really funny happen to you and then you think "that would make a great t-shirt"?
... had a fun event that customized shirts would be perfect for (movie preview party)?
... wanted to have a t-shirt customized with your favorite local sports team on it?
... needed a great custom poster?

Well, I have the answer!


Cafepress.com is a great website for your customization needs. After clicking through the site, I was really impressed with they have to offer. For example, I have a group of girlfriends I have known and loved for 20 YEARS. Lately, I have been looking for something that would make a fun gift. Take a look at what I found at Cafepress.com! I can customize tote bags! What a cute idea. I think me and my girls would also look great in a t-shirt customized just for us.

On my own, I designed a shirt. The process is very easy and fun. There are several available fonts and images. You can also upload your own images or art work to have put on the shirt.

The options are endless and Cafepress.com rocks! Take a look friends. Tell them I sent you when you order!

In other news, where do you like to go to get reviews on movies? After clicking around, I've decided I like Rotten Tomatoes. Have you ever been to the Rotten Tomatoes website? Today was my first time in a long time. I decided to read more about the movie Inception. Since my little bro said the movie made his brain poop its pants, I decided I better become more educated before I see it.

I found the website to be very user friendly. It's also fun and informative. Rotten Tomatoes seems to be thorough and offers others reviews along with their own. Head on over and find-out what movies are your next must see!

*brought to your by your friends at Cafepress.com