Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 1: An elevator pitch?

4 days.

That is how long I have worked on my elevator pitch.

Do you want to know why I have taken so long? Because I am afraid of commitment. Writing this felt so serious and permanent.

I know I can shorten it, add to it, change it completely, or even delete it.

The truth is that this "elevator pitch" has made me deal with an even more basic issue I have had for a long time. What is my niche? Am I an expert on anything? Who is my audience? Do I have a blogging voice?


These words bounce around my head as I try to come up with an answer.
Here's my elevator pitch:

I Wish I Was in Dixie is a blog for women by a woman. It is welcoming, and a place you can come to be uplifted. Whether you need a delicious recipe, a good book recommendation, or an honest and refreshing voice, you will find it here. Come on down to Dixie! Visitors always welcome.
 Please give me feedback. I'll try not to be sensitive.